Creating conversations around agriculture, and between farmers who tend the the land and people interested in food production. Positive reinforcement of the values that have made this country great. We encourage dialog and dissenting viewpoints as long as those are not personal attacks.


To promote the diversity of American agriculture and long term sustainability.  Our basic principles include:

1) Promotion of all forms of agriculture through providing factual information about current agricultural practices, trends with a focus on ensuring food security, consumer choice and sustainability.2) Sharing the significant gains agriculture has made over the past decades in production capacity and efficiency, while simultaneously minimizing the environmental and ecological impact.

3) Providing informational services to tell the real “truth” about today’s agriculture and dispel the myths and misinformation spread by those opposed to agriculture including those who use false or misleading information as a means to increase their presence and raise funds for their organization.

4) To discuss news and developments which impact agriculturalist of all sizes and management practices as well as create networking opportunities for farmers and ranchers to collaborate with each other and to share their experiences with those interested outside of agriculture.

5) To acknowledge individuals who have made significant accomplishments in food security, animal welfare, and reducing environmental impact of today’s farming practices.

6) To accumulate information sources on any subject related to agriculture that can be used as a resource for consumers,  farmers and ranchers.

7) To support and promote a diverse agriculture (food production) to ensure consumers’ choices.

8) Providing a medium for sharing information among producers and dialog of best management practices.


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