Darrel White

Derrel White

I grew up on a diversified cattle/dairy/hog and grain operation in Central Oklahoma. That experience has helped me immensely in my auditing and consulting practice which has concentrated on agriculture and agriculture related businesses and also funded my hobby/retirement fund which is a cow/calf and haying operation. In my spare time, I prefer to gather my thoughts on horseback, either gathering cows or just trail riding.

Marcus Hollmann

Marcus Hollmann

I grew up on a multi-purpose farm on the North Sea coast in Germany with dairy cows, dairy beef, sows, sheep and rabbits. We raised our own forages and some crops (small grains, canola, sugar beets). Today, my parents and brother continue to focus on our 100 dairy cows. I came to the US in 1996 and worked on dairy farms in WI and MD, and on a cow-calf ranch in WY. I have degrees in dairy science and agronomy from the U of WI – River Falls, manure management and soil science from VT, and dairy nutrition and management from Michigan State. In January of 2012, I started a position as a dairy consultant in WI for a small, independent nutrition company. In my free time, I enjoy everything Nature (I would like to have my own garden again soon!) including  bike rides and hiking through the country side.

Mike Davelaar

Mike Davelaar

I’m a feed salesman from South Dakota. I grew up on our family-run dairy in Northwest Iowa, and have been selling feed for over 25 years. I live with my wife and four kids. I get to work with some of the greatest people in the world. Mentoring teens is a passion of mine, both in and out of agriculture.

One comment on “Authors

  1. Mark Lathrop says:

    Excellent! Brings it into perspective for non agriculturalists and does a great job explaining what todays food producers are facing. Keep up the good work!

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